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Tailored approach

We work with a varied range of clients and ensure that our approach to each and every one is unique and personalised to their specific needs and requirements, we ask questions and learn everything we can about our customers so that we can exceed their expectations and anticipate their requests.We also spend time learning about our customer’s values and needs which lies at the heart of us building, developing and maintaining our successful partnerships with each individual client.

Going the extra mile

Our candidates

Out of hours does not mean out of contact


  • Input Media

    As a very busy post production company, we have been using freelance Soho Runners for some time and have always had a good positive work relationship. They have always been very accommodating, especially when given hardly any notice. We use them frequently and the quality of the runners has always been high, they have always provided us with industry knowledgeable people which ensures that even with freelancers our service never suffers.

    - Hannah Gyngell, Hospitality and Client Services Manager

  • Absolute

    Soho Runners have given us good support and have been really helpful during busy times. The runners work very hard and blend in with our team of runners very well.

    - Tania Cande, Bookings Co-ordinator

  • Technicolor

    Soho Runners has been a very useful way for us to get good quality entry level candidates into our business. The pre-qualification of candidates means that we know we are working with a select group of candidates, and many of our initial temp hires have gone on to permanent positions developing key skills and becoming pivotal to the ongoing success of our business. The team are also highly responsive when there is an immediate temporary hiring requirement.

    - Tom Cotton, VP European Operations